Curb Appeal: Ways to Make Your House Stand Out

We’ve been building homes in Edmond and Oklahoma City since 1988, and in that time we’ve seen subdivision after subdivision sprout up in front of us. Don’t get us wrong, living in a subdivision has many occasional perks: gates, community pools and parks, privacy, a feeling of safety, etc. But how many times have you driven through a subdivision and thought to yourself, “Man, all of these houses look the same”? Too many times, we bet.

To break away from the monotony, we always recommend getting a custom built home from a builder that can really accentuate your style; somebody who can really make your house stand out from the rest on the block. Yes, we’re talking about curb appeal, and it’s more important than you might think. Uniqueness, especially in a neighborhood of similar looking houses, can increase the re-sale value of your home! Here are a few ideas we’ve put together from a few homes we’ve built and sold in the past.

The Building Blocks

French Construction home for sale in Edmond, OK

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little bit! Your house doesn’t have to be all brick, all wood, etc. For example, this house uses red bricks and white/tan stones to create a contrast that is sure to pop from the road. It’s enough to catch the eye, but not over-the-top enough to leave a bad impression.

A Defined Entryway

Entryway for a home for sale in Edmond, OK

This is epitome of macho curb appeal: the defined entryway. In this scenario, we’ve erected two stone pillars on each side of the walkway that really help bring out the boldness of the design. Also, the symmetry is very appealing from the curb.

Double Doors

Double doors on a home for sale in Edmond, OK

Here’s another entryway defined by two stone pillars, but what really sets this apart from the rest is the dark double doors. Growing up, I always connoted double doors with a sign of class. The fact that they’re many shades darker than the rest of the house really helps bring them into focus from the street.

Big Windows

Big windows on a home for sale in Edmond, OK

Sometimes all it takes are a few big windows to really draw people in to the design. A big window on the front exterior literally draws eyes into your home. They also serve as a great way to use natural light during the daytime. Everyone wins!

Front patios and extra doors

Big front patio on a home for sale in Edmond, OK

This is a really unique patio design we did on a home in Edmond, OK. The stone/wood pillars are the curb appeal in this design, but the large front patio is going to be what helps the re-sale value. We also put in French doors leading into/out-of one of the front bedrooms.


Shutters on a home for sale in Edmond, OK

Shutters are a really simple accent that can easily be overlooked. We like to take a bold approach to shutters. In this case, we have picked out large wood shutters to contrast the brick and stone used on the house. These shutters blend pretty well, but will still be a great selling point among houses that look the same. If you’re looking for a more bold approach, go with dark shutters on a lighter house, as seen below:

Dark shutters on a home for sale in Edmond, OK

Custom Garage Doors

Garage doors on a home for sale in Edmond, OK

Garages are appealing in the first place, but if you throw on a garage door that looks slightly different from the rest of your home’s exterior (in a good way), then that’s a deal-sealer.


Nice landscaping in front of a home for sale in Edmond, OK

The original curb appeal: a well-landscaped yard. This house is an example of doing multiple things correctly: different building blocks (bricks and stone), bold shutters, an inviting walkway leading up to the front door, and a large flowerbed lending itself to proper landscaping.

These are just a few examples of what it takes to make your home stand out from the rest of the pack. When you’re going through the home-buying/home-building process, make sure to take the exterior of your home into serious consideration. It’s your chance to show the world (or, at least the neighborhood) your creative spirit!

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