French Construction Builders

New Edmond and Oklahoma City Homes

French Construction Company Edmond, OK

The Oklahoma housing market continues to be a secure and affordable investment and Oklahoma home builders are among the nation’s best. French Construction is a custom home builder of repute and has set the standard for new homes in Edmond and Oklahoma City since 1988.

REPUTATION: With more than 300 homes completed since 1988, French Construction prides itself on satisfied home owners all over Edmond and Oklahoma City. You can rest assured that your new or custom home will be built in a timely and professional manner by one of the finest builders in Oklahoma.

CONSISTENCY: We use the same building crews and subcontractors on all our new and custom homes, ensuring quality control every step of the way. Our skilled experts and quality custom home builders know what works and what doesn’t, we know how to avoid common home building mistakes and have priceless experience in the Oklahoma City and Edmond housing markets.

EFFICIENCY: Our computerized construction scheduling program organizes every activity in building your home. Unreasonable delays are eliminated, and construction finance charges are minimized. More than 95% of our clients move into their new home early or on time.

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